How to re-provision a Dell Provisioning for Workspace ONE device

Today I wanted to show how you can re-provision a Dell device that was provisioned from the Dell factory (use the Dell provisioning for Workspace ONE service) after it has already been shipped either for demo or testing purposes.

1 – Enterprise Wipe

First we need to initiate “Enterprise Wipe” from the console so that it will cleanly remove all Workspace ONE management and content. You can initiate this from the Workspace ONE console by going to a device record and then clicking More Actions > Enterprise Wipe.

After 30 seconds or so you should get a notice on the client the MDM management has been removed.

2 – Device Reset

Before we reset the device, you will want to delete the PPKG from a recovery folder so that it doesn’t come back automatically after reset.

Manually browse to C:\Recovery\Customizations and delete any PPKGs there. Note this is a hidden folder so you have to manually type this out in Windows Explorer.

Delete PPKGs stored here

Now we need to fully reset the device.
Go to Settings > Recovery > Reset this PC. Note: If you don’t see this option, the user is most likely not an administrator. You will need to initiate this from an account that is a local administrator.
Click on Get Started

Click on Remove Everything

Select Just remove my files

Click Reset

System will reset and take around 30-45 to fully complete, depending on system speed.
Once it is at the OOBE screen, hit CTRL-SHIFT-F3 to get into Audit mode

Now you can re-apply your PPKG and XML using the Workspace ONe Provisioning Tool to get the device back to where it was when it was shipped from the factory.

You can also check out my blog on how to wipe and image a device using default Windows 10 ISO from a USB key. This is another way to cleanly wipe the device and the method I prefer as it’s faster than going through the Reset process (10 min to re-image from USB vs 30-45 min when doing device reset).

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